Since the mid 1970ís the civil or non-religious funeral ceremony has gained favour with people who, although they have religious principles, prefer to have a broad approach to the celebration of the life of a family member.  A civil service caters for the beliefs or non-beliefs of families and friends of the deceased in a general sense without underplaying the importance of the deceased, their life history, their personal involvement with the people attending the funeral and their own wishes.

Many people now specify a civil service in their will, and the personality of the deceased often dictates to their family that a civil ceremony of the appropriate way to say farewell to a loved-one in a meaningful way.  There is also room for composing, with the celebrant, a service that comprises readings, music, symbolism and family participation.

I have, for more than 10 years, conducted services for the leading funeral directors in the Australian Capital Territory (A.C.T.) at the regional crematorium, at graveside locations in the A.C.T. region as well as ceremonies at chapels and family venues.  I may be contacted personally to conduct funerals, seven retirement villages and nursing homes recommend my services.