Name Giving

Naming or Name-giving ceremonies have become more popular in recent years as parents choose to celebrate the naming of their child with their families and friends at a location that is convenient for such a celebration e.g. a park, a function centre, the home garden or barbecue area.

My first name-giving ceremony was in 1978 when the alternative to a religious ritual in a church was chosen by a husband and wife, whom I had joined together in marriage a few years earlier.

They wanted to have the same choices of ceremony, readings, poems, time and location as they had had at their wedding, and to be able to involve not only the guardians/godparents, but also the grandparents and other family members.  Their ceremony and many others since have been personally rewarding for the family – an event that was precious in their lives, because they had the choices and they made the decisions.

Naming ceremonies are nowadays performed for people of all ages, even into adolescence, and sometimes beyond.  Civil celebrants are able to compose, with the family, a ceremony that suits their individual likes, dislikes, needs and wishes.

As an experienced celebrant with sensitivity to your own personal requirements, I am only too pleased to visit you to discuss and arrange a naming ceremony.