Renewal Of Vows

Roger Thomson CelebrantThe ceremony for renewal or reaffirmation of marriage vows began many years ago as a service for married couples who had both separated and reconciled or felt their marriage was waning.  The service was designed to reinforce the original vows with a new commitment and a positive outlook.

In recent times the ceremony has also been seen as synonymous with a wedding anniversary where the husband and wife, not only wish to reaffirm their vows because they are proud of the way they have followed them, but wish to do so in a joyful way in the presence of their families, friends and often their own children.

There is scope in these happy family celebrations to cover moments of history in the couple’s married lifetime, precious memories with the family and highlights of their roles as individuals in the marriage.  Participation of family and guests is often encouraged with words, poems, music and special symbols used to enhance the importance of the occasion.